Ce que 45 audits nous ont appris sur l’hôtellerie en Suisse romande

L'industrie hôtelière romande est réputée pour son charme et son offre culturelle unique, des qualités soulignées par G&B. Par contre, les audits notent qu'un service personnalisé manque encore trop souvent.
Webinar with Swiss Tourism Experts

Webinar with Swiss Tourism Experts | English

In the webinar, speakers Bettina Bülte and Barbara Urfer talked about best practices for tourist destination development in Switzerland and abroad. The webinar was moderated by the Chamber's president and EHL graduate Alexandra Soriano.

How to outperform Airbnb | htr | German

How to improve your hotel performance in a market in which Airbnb becomes stronger. When does it make sense for hotels to use Airbnb as a distribution channel?

Portrait of Swiss Tourism Experts | htr | German

Swiss Tourism Experts is an independent network of senior consultants and researchers with Swiss roots and global reach. We are specialists in the tourism and hospitality industry, providing excellent consulting services with Swiss quality standards.

Tactics to improve the guest experience without spending money | LinkedIn | English

5 tactics for tourism destinations to enhance the guest experience, improve online review and create return tourists without spending much on CAPEX.

Interview with Gerry | Travelnews | German

Am Mittwoch steigt bei der virtuellen ITB der «Marketing & Distribution Day». Moderiert wird dieser durch den Schweizer Gerry Romanescu. Travelnews hat sich mit ihm über dieses Format und die zu erwartenden Highlights unterhalten.

Increase your hotel revenue in 4 steps | LinkedIn | German

Beim Total Revenue Management geht es um die Optimierung der Einkünfte abseits des Logements. Der gesamte Hotelertrag lässt sich so nochmals um 10 bis 20 Prozent steigern.

Attract new guest segments | htr | German

Actionable tips for hoteliers how to identify and attract new guest segments. Especially during the pandemic a vital topic.

How to differentiate your hotel | LinkedIn | English

How to differentiate your hotel in uncertain times during the pandemic? A few tips for hoteliers.

How to negotiate an adequate rent level | htr | German

Hotel owners and operators must re-negotiate their lease or management contracts. This article sheds light on 4 steps to undertake that the negotiation succeeds for both parties.
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